Managing Data Risk: 
From the Ground to the Cloud.

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Our Solutions

Privacy, security and operations specialists solving data risk for startups, enterprise and agencies.


Privacy and Big Data

Whether preparing for GDPR or establishing a robust internal privacy regime, business leaders need to know what data they're storing, how they're using it, the risks that data presents, and how that data is being retained. Most companies cannot do that. Relying on surveys only tells you what your staff already know, it's what you don't know that'll result in breaches.

Privalis Group has developed methodologies to discover the data you didn't know you had. And we've leveraged the best technologies to manage that data to international compliance standards. 

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Solutions for StartUps

Dedicated to your growth.

Privalis Group has designed affordable services for startups so that teams can focus on building and growing, without needing to worry about the rapidly global privacy regulations and the shifting threat landscape.

Our solutions prioritize your growth and minimize compliance and security costs.

Security and Privacy for Startups

Data Intelligence and Human Rights

Privalis Group believes in contributing towards a more just and peaceful world. We run a number of projects that assist international organizations and non-government organizations in human rights investigations.