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Whether it's the EU's GDPR, new privacy regimes, or changing customer expectations; knowing what data you're collecting, how you're using it, the risks it represents, and its security is critical. Privalis Group offers end to end solutions. We analyze your data, protect it, and ensure that you're compliant with the relevant privacy and security regimes.



Privacy compliance and security can't be achieved until you know the data you're collecting and storing. Whether big data sets or discreet and sensitive stores, Privalis can find the data you didn't know you had. We can correlate it to single identities and ensure you can manage it.


Protecting your data against known vulnerabilities, hostile actors, and malicious insiders. Privalis can deploy a number of technologies including advanced network scanning tools and dynamic real-time data flow risk alert system to ensure security and risk mitigation.



Rely on our team of privacy and security experts, including a legal team situated across the US, EU and APAC, to ensure you're meeting regulatory obligations efficiently. Our mixed specialization teams ensure you can meet new obligations with minimal disruption to business process.


Privacy & Big Data 

Enterprise data environments present significant challenges to privacy compliance. The GDPR's expanded rights for data subjects requires a comprehensive understanding of the data your organization collects, retains, and with whom and where it's shared. The complexity of these work flows, and the significance of regulatory risk, requires a multifaceted solution. Simply surveying your organization does not solve your problem. Our mixed methodological approach and data scanning techologies offer the comprehensive and nuanced solution your organization needs.

Our Cyber Security Lab

Knowing what data your collecting, where it's stored, and the operational and regulatory risks it entails demands security attention. Privalis Group employs sophisticated external network scanning technology that performs. Designed, developed and managed in our cyber security lab in Boston, MA, we're excited to be deploying this tool internally for our clients' teams to manage or as part of our remote-CISO and remote-DPO programs.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Data Intelligence for Human Rights Investigators


Our teams dedicate a portion of our resources to projects and issues that we care about. This year, we developed open source data intelligence capabilities that have been deployed to aid investigations into human rights violations and war crimes in Syria.

Privalis Group is dedicated to contributing to a just and civil global community. Learn more about our capabilities in this space or share your thoughts with us.


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