Needles in Haystacks

Big Data and Personally Identifiable Information


The General Data Protection Regulation. Those four words, when spoken together, send chills down the spines of any knowing compliance specialist or operations leader. 

For many organizations dealing in big data there are many challenges to the risks posed by holding personally identifiable information (PII). Legacy system, structure and unstructured data sets, hundreds of data sources, issues related to staff attrition and vendor lapse, all create uncertainties with regards to what data you're carrying let alone operationalizing data subject rights such as record amendment or deletion.

Our analysts use the best technologies in the industry to deliver the best solutions for big data challenges. Our advanced data mining and machine learning technology enables us to scan, identify and correlate all PII to single data subject identities. It enables us to manage your jurisdictional, vendor and process data risks through anchored data-flow geo-mapping and data flow process mapping.




Privacy Data Intelligence Service includes:

  • Total data inventorying.
  • Correlation of all PII across structured and unstructured data sets, multiple data sources to single data subjects with 99.89% accuracy
  • Protection against use-case risk through process data mapping.
  • Protection against jurisdictional risk through data flow geo-mapping.
  • Real-time dynamic risk assessment and alerts based on data flows, vendor profiles and operational processes.