The Privalis Approach

Privalis Group measures our success by the success of our clients.

We at Privalis seek to build partnerships with our clients - identifying solutions that fit your current business processes and that can evolve as your business does.

We pride ourselves on being able to assemble a global team and work reflexively with our clients, ensuring that each receives a tailored service that draws on jurisdictional expertise of our analysts and senior partners. We take the time to understand your business so that you receive early alerts to relevant changes in the regulatory or risk landscape.

Prevent. Protect. Comply.

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Prevent: Know your data, know your policies, know what's really happening.

Mind the gaps. They're hazardous and critical. 

The gap between policy and law. The gap between policy and employee knowledge. And most critically, the gap between what employees believe is happening and what is ACTUALLY happening.

Privalis Group has developed an industry leading methodology that accounts for the subjectivity of staff, overcomes issues associated with employee and system attrition and, most importantly, overcomes the glaring limitations of survey-dependent methodologies. Know with confidence what data you're collecting, where you are storing it, how you are using it and the myriad risks you're carrying through your data processes.

Measure the gaps between:

  • Policy and law
  • Governance and understanding
  • Understanding and praxis
  • Actionable risk remediation designed for your business.

Protect: Secure your data and networks

Privalis Group's methods and technology give our clients real-time actionable insights in to the risks they're carrying.

Real-time dynamic risk assessments that are constantly scanning your networks and infrastructure to reveal vulnerability and exploit counts. We're scanning the dark web to provide breach insights and correlating those breaches with your data before the media catch wind. 

But security isn't about just your customers and your data. It's about your vendors, stakeholders and the applications and systems you're using, the jurisdictions your data is flowing through. Privalis Group uses a dynamic risk assessment approach that is constantly scanning your data 

  • Real-time risk intelligence: Real-time dynamic risk assessments of your applications, vendors, data flow jurisdictions, PII identities;
  • Get in front of breaches: Dark web scanning for breach dumps and correlation;
  • Security Protection: Asset vulnerability and exploit scanning; real-time open source data intelligence scanning.

Compliance: Get your compliance house in order.

Compliance requires cross jurisdictional expertise. The Privalis Group team is made of lawyers admitted in jurisdictions across the United States, European Union, United Kingdom and Australia. Our team also consists of data scientists and security specialists. Addressing compliance problems requires not only understanding the law, but understanding your business processes and implementing solutions that don't risk the ability to leverage your data assets to their full value.