Big Data Discovery


Data mapping and inventorying is generally carried out using a spreadsheets and survey questionnaires sent around an organization. The trouble with this approach is that it is cumbersome over large data sets and singularly measures what staff think is happening rather than what data is actually there.

Privalis Group uses advanced data scanning technologies and machine learning processes to identify sensitive data across data sets of any size. We find the data you didn't know you had. We can correlate that data to single identities or data subjects making managing personally identifiable information and mitigating the risks it present easy and practical.


Data Discovery

Discovering PII where it is residing across structured and unstructured data sources (even the data you didn't know you were carrying) and correlating PII to single identities.


Data Mapping & Risk

Privalis Data maps identify data flows by work process and by jurisdictions as that data travels between data subjects, servers and applications.


Data Inventorying

Create complete and comprehensive data inventories and produce auditor reports on demand




data Correlation

Link disparate and disconnected data from multiple data sources to single data subject identities.