Remote DPO Service


The General Data Protection Regulation requires that your organization appoint a Data Protection Office. At Privalis Group, we offer a remote DPO service that will be statutorily responsible for overseeing all of your company's data protection activities.

Our core data intelligence capabilities allow our analysts to identify and mitigate risks with greater effectiveness than our competition. The industry continues to rely on standardized surveys that fail to reflect the complexity of the data your company collects, transforms, and retains.

Our methodologies reveal the true life and movement of your data, which provides the opportunity to dynamically identify and correct the gaps between law & policy, policy & employee understanding, and between understanding & practice.


Data Discovery and Inventorying

Discovering PII where it is residing across structured and unstructured data sources (even the data you didn't know you were carrying) and correlating PII to single identities.


Data Mapping

Data maps identify data flows by work process and by jurisdictions as data travels between data subjects, servers and applications and storage containers.


Privacy and protection ImpacT Assessments

Individually tailored to your organization and automated directly in to your workflows. Reviewed and analysed by our privacy experts.




Dynamic Risk Assessments & Breach Correlation

Real time risk assessments based on data flows and infrastructure. Breach correlation with dark web scanning.