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Agency Protection

Advent of GDPR and other privacy regimes is changing the nature of the advice you provide.

[insert word about not wanting to attract client compliance]

Our Agency Plan Delivers:

Secured Growth

Marketing agencies are at the forefront of securing growth for you clients. In the digital age, growth marketing requires data collection.

Privalis Group provides agencies with legal and technical experts to ensure the marketing solutions you're providing your clients isn't opening them to new data and or technical risks. Global marketing campaigns require cross-jurisdictional legal expertise. 

Demonstrate Strategic Awareness

You know the strategic landscape your clients' face but you're not necessarily aware of the legal restrictions placed on data privacy for marketing purposes. Demonstrate to your clients that you're aware of the risks associated with you marketing efforts, rely on our experts to expand your pitches and briefs. Sensitive data is a sensitive issue for most companies. Demonstrate you're a strategic enabler, not a risk.