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Full DPO Services

Racing to operationalize the General Data Protection Regulation before May? Privalis Group offers both a complete outsource solution or can help your compliance team build out your company's privacy practice.   

Data Intelligence

Privalis Group uses cutting edge data mining and machine learning techniques that underpin our analysts' ability to manage your data assets beyond compliance standards. We can find the data you didn't know you were holding, correlate it to individual data subjects and manage those requests without disruptions to your business processes. Our dynamic risk assessments allow us to monitor jurisdictional, data process and vendor risks in real time. Which means we can mitigate immediately. Which is faster than you're able to now.     

Data Mining・Data process Mapping・Jurisdictional Risk mapping・PII Discovery・Breach Correlation ・Dynamic Risk Assessments

Security Intelligence

Privalis Group actively scans your digital assets for vulnerabilities. We rapidly compile all the information readily available and exploited by hackers so we can secure your assets, your data and the privacy and security of your clients and stakeholders.