Our Mission

Prevent. Protect. Comply.


Privalis Group was founded to address a glaring gap in the way business is organized: compliance teams, technologists, operations managers and security teams aren't speaking to one another productively.  With the advent of new privacy regimes across global jurisdictions, new technologies being used across marketing, sales and operations inside business and the global nature of business tech infrastructure, approaches to privacy, cyber security and operations need to be holistic while retaining a depth in specialist expertise.

Our team and Privalis Group seeks to make data privacy compliance and data security active participants in your business operations in such a way that leverage growth activities rather than create hurdles that slow your teams down or get in their way. Privacy compliance and data security are both opportunities to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with your clients and your stakeholders while providing security and eliminating compliance risk for your significant assets.

The data your business collects for marketing and operational purposes is the neurology of your business - fundamental to growth and to service delivery. Managing data privacy and cyber security risk needs to be targeted towards risk mitigation while mindful operational goals.

At Privalis we bring together privacy compliance analysts, legal experts across global jurisdictions, data scientists and operations specialists to solve complex data-related risks. Our group works in crack, mixed methodology teams that can communicate and implement solutions across your verticals. We don't negotiate compromise between specializations, we collaborate and solve.

Headquartered in San Francisco, our privacy specialists are based across the EU, US and Asia-Pacific. Our dedicated cyber security lab in Boston monitors the security of our clients 24/7 while developing new tools and processes to protect against new vulnerabilities.

We utilise the latest technologies in cyber vulnerability scanning, data mining and machine learning to identify vulnerabilties, map data flows, identify real-time compliance and security risks. And we do all this in the context of understanding your business processes and goals to identify solutions that work for you, not cost you.

Privalis Group is your data intelligence dream team. Preventing attacks and leaks, protecting your data and against risks and ensuring global compliance. Know the data you have, identify and mitigate your risks and get on with growing your business.



Execuitve Team, Privalis Group

Privalis HQ - San Francisco, CA

Privalis HQ - San Francisco, CA