Full Service Security and Compliance 

A single solution takes care of many of your privacy functions

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The perfect balance of powerful technology and expert cross-jurisdictional legal services for managing risk, cybersecurity, and data flows. Delivering strategic risk management services in a unified solution results in a great experience for you and your employees.



All of your latent concerns can now be addressed with ease and affordable pricing. If you are an SMB's....If you are large scaled enterprise....








Privalis Group Full Service Compliance

CYBERSECURITY PROFILE (Hyperlink to individual page outlining specifics and video)

  • Industry specialisation
  • Pen Testing
  • Employee training
  • Privacy by Design- app integration

DATA AUDIT (Hyperlink to individual page outlining specifics and video)

  • Robust reporting
  • Cross-Jurisdictional expertise
  • Data management
  • Data logs and audit reports

RISK CHECK (Hyperlink to individual page outlining specifics and video)

  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Risk Assessments
  • Risk Reports for Employees at every level
  • Current and future vulnerabilities

COMPLIANCE (Hyperlink to individual page outlining specifics and video)

  • Training and awareness for employees
  • Staying ahead of regulators
  • Maximising company utility of data and mitigating risk

Do what you do best: grow your business

  • Gain peace of mind that comes from having unmatched expertise on your side

  • Competitive benefits to attract increased business
  • Top compliance guidance & cross jurisdictional advice that mitigates any company risk 
  • Manage risk anytime and anywhere with breach notifications 
  • Security services that are tailored to your industry, not one-size-fits all 
  • Focus on your business with a single, comprehensive compliance and privacy package 
  • Trust that comes from working with thousands of great companies for decades 
Having Privalis as a partner enables us to remain across our products in a fast but compliant manner. Their work runs quickly, smoothly and is cost effective and is going to be key for us to grow our business beyond what it is today.
— Sam Skontos, CEO, Alcatel

Sam Skontos        I            CEO             I           Alcatel



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