Our Mission

Security and compliance starts with data intelligence. Know the data you’re carrying, where you’re storing at, how you’re using it. Then protect and mitigate your compliance risks. You can’t rely solely on surveys to accomplish that level of data intelligence.

Privalis Group was established to address the core difficulties business faces with advent of new privacy and data compliance regimes globally. Whether smaller internet=based businesses or large firms with international operations, every business is facing an ambiguous regulatory environment and the spectre of significant reputational and compliance risk.

Moreover, most business leaders don't have the right analytics or measures to know the data risk their organizations are carrying. Before you can protect your data, prevent leaks or comply with the various privacy and security legal regimes, you need to know what data you're carrying, where you're storing it, how it is being stored and how you're using it.

Our mission is clear: to assess and manage our clients' privacy and data security risk. The threats are real and growing. The laws are many and changing. Data breaches occur with increasing regularity across all sectors and are often catastrophic to a company's reputation. And the interconnected nature of business processes and relationships means that you need to be aware of vendor and stakeholder risk in order to protect your business and your relationships. Your company, your staff, your customers and your vendors demand assurances. 

Privalis assists clients in navigating this cross-jurisdictional regulatory and technical labyrinth. We understand the technology and the risks that your company faces, and have designed and acquired the controls and instruments necessary to limit those risks. Privalis binds the experience of legal experts, regulatory advisors, data scientists and cyber security specialists. We can assist your business with a range of activities to protect your data, identify and prevent leaks, and comply with the law across every jurisdiction of your business, your vendors, stakeholders and customers.

The Privalis Group team is uniquely placed to assist organizations develop their privacy processes, assess and control privacy and data risk. Our CIPP and CISSP analysts and legal practitioners with admission across UK, EU, US and Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, can assist your business in the multiple and challenging aspects to managing privacy and data compliance.