Privacy by Design

Products and services need to be designed in a way that maximizes the utility and value of the data they generate while simultaneously limiting the risk and liability that data presents. Privacy by design introduces data protection mechanisms at the very early stages of the development of any technology, system or business practice, rather than thinking of how to improve them after a breach has occurred.

We’ve seen that data breaches are often catastrophic for companies. Users, customers, vendors and other third parties alike demand assurances that their data is safe. Privalis Group identifies your privacy and data risk and assists in your product build (or rebuild) accordingly.

A proper architecture of privacy requires embedding those principles at the outset of a design cycle. Privacy is not just about adapting your current data protection standards to regulatory demands, but about creating practices where information security systems and privacy speak to each other from the outset.


  • Risk issues are more likely to be identified at an early stage of design, and are thereby far less costly to resolve.
  • Reduces the risk of catastrophic data breaches.
  • Provides training for your product staff and executive team in principles of privacy in product design.
  • Your organization is more likely to meet your legal obligations and less likely to breach applicable laws and regulation.
  • Actions are less likely to be privacy-intrusive and have a negative impact on your customers.