Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy impact assessment is the best tool to determine the level and standards of privacy as practiced and implemented by an organization. It is a process that utilizes a series of tools to determine not only whether the current privacy practices are compliant but also how effectively they are applied by employees.

The assessment will include some involvement with different people in your organization, who can each recognize different privacy risks and solutions. By describing the information flows and identifying the privacy and related risks, the PIA can be your best tool to evaluate and identify the privacy solutions.

Conducting a PIA is primarily focused on identifying and reducing risks. Its outcome and final report will provide assurances that your organization is using information in a way that is appropriate for your objectives and safer for individuals. You can also use a PIA report to assure the public or other stakeholders that the project has been thoroughly assessed.


  • Allows your organization to create better policies and procedures.
  • Functions as a flexible instrument that can be integrated with your existing approach to managing projects.
  • Identifies privacy risks that can be associated with compliance risks or risks to the organization.