Privacy Notices and Policies

The Privacy Notice is the first document that outlines  the ways in an individual’s personal information is going to be used by a company. It is the essential building block of the trust between a corporation and their customer. 

As a result, it must clearly and transparently explain how their information is collected, how it's used, their rights to erase, correct or modify that information, declaration of third party sharing, as well as any retention rules about that information when it is no longer needed

A privacy policy has to remain accurate over time. If your collection practice changes, you must modify the policy accordingly and notify the users of any significant or “material” changes. Privalis Group maintains methods to notify our clients of when the regulatory environment changes 


  • Privacy notices and policies are excellent points of branding difference for many businesses where trust is an essential element of the customer experience. Privalis Group has a number of tactics that engage customers with privacy as a matter of competitive differentiation.
  • Impact of a non-existent or unfair privacy policy can carry more significant reputational risk  for an organization than the risks of a fine.
  • Enables greater transparency with customers and uniformity and consistency in internal decision making.