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Privalis conducts a targeted audit that identifies your business' open vulnerabilities.




Privalis conducts full data audit of your business and a cybersecurity risk assessment. We also conduct quarterly audits to fulfill your regulatory requirements.




In addition to the full data audit, cybersecurity risk assessment, and quarterly audits for regulators, we write or update your compliance and security documentation as well as your websites privacy policies and terms of use statements. Furthermore, we write the policies and terms between you and your vendors, and your cloud contracts. Finally, we update your systems to prevent hacking or to monitor inappropriate access of internal information.




With SECURED, Privalis acts as, or fully support, your business' chief information officer/data protection officer. It covers everything offered in ASSURED as well as ongoing access to privacy, security, and compliance consultants; ongoing legal advice; and other speciality security advice. We monitor the dark web for new breaches and cyberthreats so that you know about them before the media. Finally, you have access to discounted anti-malware, anti-spyware, and data security platforms through our partner organizations.


Having Privalis as a partner enables us to remain across our products in a fast but compliant manner. Their work runs quickly, smoothly and is cost effective and is going to be key for us to grow our business beyond what it is today.
— Sam Skontos, CEO, Alcatel

Sam Skontos        I            CEO             I           Alcatel